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What is a dental implant?

The design of a dental implant is based on the design of a natural tooth which is commonly described as having two main parts: – The crown that sits above the gums – The root that sits securely below the gum. The implant crown is carefully crafted to look and feel like a healthy, natural tooth that feels like part of you. The implant replaces the function of a natural root and if looked after properly should last a lifetime. It stimulates the bone molecules to attach themselves to the titanium thread of the implant, providing a completely stable foundation for the new crown – a process known as osseointegration. It usually takes 8-12 weeks for the bone to securely bond to the entire implant surface

Missing a single tooth

A single implant will support a single crown and is the ideal solution when compared to conventional alternatives. The treatment is simple and the procedures are very minor when carried out by well trained and experienced surgeons.

Missing multiple teeth

A fixed implant bridge involves the placement of two or more dental implants. The implants provide stability and stimulate the surrounding bone to prevent significant bone loss. Crowns are then fabricated and connected to the implants with a centre crown that sits over the gums. Bridges on implants are an exceptionally stable and long term solution for multiple missing teeth.

Dental Implant Dentist Profiles

Three of our dentists offer Implants at the Practice.  Please click on their name to see their profile.  They are Dr Thomas Norlin, Dr George Xiroannis and Dr Krolikrowski