Dentists Area: Refer your patient here

You can now refer your patients to  our Private Referral Suite Abbey Referrals by using our simple online form below.

Alternatively, you can make a referral by completing this form  (<PDF Download Link To Form>) and sending it in to us by post or emailing it to: with attached images and x-rays.

If you have any questions please call on 01932 571200


  • OPG: £65
  • Extraction: £180 simple, £300 surgical
  • Implants: £60 consultation, from £2500+ for treatment
  • Endodontics: £90 consultation, from £460-£625+ for treatment
  • Orthodontics: £50 consultation, POA for treatment
  • Cosmetic: £60  consultation , POA for treatment
  • Periodontics: £130  consultation, from £600-£1500+ for treatment
  • Snoring: £50 consultation, £450 appliance
  • Cerezen: £50 consultation, £550 appliance
  • Sedation at £250 per hour, minimum 2 hours

Dental X-ray (OPG) (Orthopantomogram)  Dental x-ray (OPG), please note we require justification for taking the OPG this should be recorded in the notes below.

Your email will be acknowledged within 48 hours.  In the unlikely event that it is not, please contact the Reception team on and let them know, so that we may check that we received your email and attachments

Abbey Referrals Referral Form

Patient Information



What treatment are you referring the patient for? If referring for more than one treatment, please explain this in the free text section.

Please select one option via the dropdown box below:

Sedation option. Default NO. Do you also require sedation?

Please write any further information you can provide in the box below, including OPG reasons

RADIOGRAPHS AND CLINICAL PHOTOGRAPHS. If you have any clinical images or additional documents which may be of use to this referral please attach them to this form using the button below or attach them to an email and send to

FILE ATTACHMENTS NOTES. We can receive JPG and PDF file attachments using this form. Each file should not exceed 2mb (or 2097152kb). If you encounter any problems in this area, when attaching your files, you will need to send them to us separately via email or post.

I confirm that I have explained the cost of this appointment to my patient (prices are found at the top of this page). You will not be able to Submit this form unless you tick this box

Are you human? Tick reCAPTCHA box before you select the Submit button.

We undertake to provide the best dental care for your patients and will return them to your care following treatment. No treatment will be provided that you have not referred to us, except with your permission.

If you have any further questions please call Katie directly on 01932 571200